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Liberty 503 Pendant

Brand: Liberty 503
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Weight: 0.60oz
Dimensions: 2.00in x 0.50in x 0.50in

Price: $159.95

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Liberty 503 glass pipes and jewelry truly elevate the smoking experience to the form of art. Each piece is beautifully hand-crafted by artists in Portland, Oregon and are now available from the Gaines Street Smokes Online Store.

This particular pendant features layers of color beginning with a deep black backing, a hint of yellow-orange, a green-blue tinge all encased in a clear top window. The top has been masterfully sand-carved to reveal Illuminati/Masonic images with the whole pendant resembling an owl's skull - a predominant symbol of wisdom.

  • One-of-a-kind
  • American Artist Blown
  • American Made Glass Stock
  • Illuminati/Masonic Theme
  • Sand-carved