Vegas Trip

Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas is a crazy place. I've been once before but I've always wanted to tell of my experience from a small towner perspective. It's hard to imagine how grandiose and large all the construction projects are until you are up close with a pyramid/hotel standing thirty stories tall.

Stepping off the plane this time was a little different than my previous trip. I had forgot my jacket and its February, therefore I was immediately feeling under-the-weather. Luckily, I was able to take care of getting a car quickly and knew right where I could find some amazing shopping - Caesar's Forum.

Caesar's Forum is a massive complex going up four stories packed full of the highest-end clothiers and boutique dealers from all corners of the globe. I'm able to find a jacket quickly, got my Zoltar fortune, and it was off to the hotel.

I check in, download the new MassRoots app from iOS and set to work on refamiliarizing myself with a culture that's a little different than I'm used to. I'd highly encourage you check out that app ;-).

For the sake of not writing an enourmous editorial about a simple trade show trip I'll skip to the show. We met an astounding amount of new people and had the opportunity to meet some of our favorite vendors face to face. If you've been in the shop before, you know we are big fans of Liberty 503 and American Helix - we got to meet them finally and boy were they nice! You would not believe the outpouring of support these people have for young people that are trying to help make the industry more professional.

Some of the new friends we made include: Sokol - a popular artist finally being featured in our store. Pulse - a family of glass blowers out of southern California. A.M.G - More American Made Glass out of southern California, and much, much more.

To sum it up, the show was a blast and we will definitely be going back to as many as possible. We're even looking to head to the Denver show in April to view the top glass blowers in the county and their 2016 work. As always, stop in to the stop to view our scoops from the show. We're open 7 days a week, 10am-10pm, at the corner of Gaines St. and Railroad Ave in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida.