Providence Canyon Day Trip

Providence Canyon State Park

Spring Break kind of snuck up on me this year, and to be honest, I'm glad it did. Many years I tried to make plans of people for spring break only to have them fall through at the last minute. This week was a little different. I woke up yesterday with a serious sense of adventure and a place to go in the back of my mind. Jose had told me about a state park in Georgia that is like a miniature Grand Canyon and it's only a couple hours away. I call him, wake his ass up, and tell him we're going today - so get up. He wakes up Steve by banging on his door like management (with me on FaceTime) and we start packing.

Vapes. We need vaporizers and tunes. We gather what we need from our personal caches including a Pax 2, DaVinci, Puffco Pro, Dr Dabber Aura, Kandy Galaxy, Kanger Mini and still much more and begin our journey into Georgia with Funkworm blasting over the speakers.

My favorite aspect of this trip was the startling and breathtaking panoramas that nature provided for our viewing pleasure. Oceans of clay and rock have been carved like sculpture by the water and wind to reveal and incredible landscape. Walking up to the edge of the canyon is a calming experience as you only can focus on the one thing - not plunging down into the sheer drop off.

Pax 2 Puffco Pro

We set on a hike that we knew absolutely nothing about and we were immediately greeted by relic cars left from homesteaders. These shots ended up being some of my favorite product photos we took on the trip. After the cars was a two mile descent into the canyons, and my pervasive thought was "wait, if we're going down into this... and this part sucks... what is going UP going be like?" Nevertheless, we trudged on and holy cow, was it ever worth it.

The color of the sand and clay combinations is something out of a Tatooine scene in Star Wars with tans and streaks of orange-red. Mineral deposits create crazy metallic streams that mix in with the water flowing and carving the canyons. Large crevices have been formed that are reminiscent of a hidden bookcase that reveals a large secret cavern. Thankfully, on the way back up, there is a small visitor center with a water fountain and restroom.

If you have the time, I would highly recommend checking out what I would call the "Grand Canyon of the Southeast." If you love the outdoors there are campgrounds available, and if you're like me and simply want to appreciate it, there are three-mile and seven-mile hikes to choose from. As you can see from the pictures, it's a pretty incredible little day trip not far from Tallahassee and is sure to brighten up your week.

Providence Canyon