Third Thursday

Magnolia Glass Studio

Glassblowing events attract me like a moth to a light bulb. Whenever I know someone will be behind a torch, I try to show up and see what it is they're going to make. To me, glassblowing is like "yesterday's 3-d printing" and you make whatever you are capable of making. Because of this fascination, when I found out about Third Thursday's at Magnolia Glass Studio I absolutely knew I wanted to go.

Walking into the unassuming studio warehouse space you are greeted by Chantel. There's a keg of beer (sponsored by Lagunitas) and if you're over 21 you can pour yourself a cold one. For the season opener they even hooked it up with some Momo's pizza, Tally's four-foot pie company!

Once the mood is set, someone will show you around the studio and you'll see all the talent working on their respective works of art. Flic was crushing out a window pane-style piece using some new experimental colors. Colten was hand spinning one of his production silver-fumed rigs. James was on the lathe making a run of drinking cups and chalices. And Russel was calmy laboring on sections that will be added together for a themed artisan functional rig.

Pulling Color Green Flash Glass

Later in the evening, Kennaroo just waltzes right into the event. A personal friend of studio, he makes rounds talking to everyone and showing off this newest sculptures and millies. Jeff had one of the koi pond pendants on the table for everyone to see and the amount of attention to detail is breathtaking.

The best portion of the evening had to be when Jeff fired up a couple of the beginner torches for us to play on. I started working on an implosion that I have to abandon because of time, and the person next to me made a killer mushroom pendant. Seeing the enthusiasm, Kennaroo joins us and tosses each of us a millie of his to encase in clear. A quick lesson on firing techniques and we're off to try it ourselves, and now we have an amazing little token to remember the 1st Third Thursday event by.

Pulling Color Green Flash Glass

The next Third Thursday event will be on 11/16 so mark your calendars! I'm sure Jeff and Chantel have a ton of fun in store for the next event, and you never know who else you'll run into around a glass studio!