Product Review: HBG Water Pipes

Home Blown Glass

HBG is a California based scientific water pipe company committed to providing customers with the hottest and cutting edge products in the market. All HBG products are American made and made in-house!

The founder and owner started out in the late 1990's as a small town glassblower working from his home in a backyard studio and selling his custom glass pieces to local San Francisco Bay Area shops. He started small but dreamed big, and in 2007 was able to grow and expand enough to assemble a team of highly skilled glassblowers and successfully launch HBG Scientific, which stands for Home Blown Glass. HBG now sells to thousands of shops across the United States.

Building on the extensive scientific water pipe knowledge of the glassblowing team, HBG is able to provide creative and high quality pieces. HBG’s guiding principal is to offer the highest quality pieces, made with German Shott Tubing, at competitive prices and make sure each HBG customer is satisfied. We at HBG guarantee to continually refine our excellence, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency and perpetually offer innovative and cutting-edge products. We always aspires to develop and maintain successful relationships with our customers through mutual trust and respect, and to do so we love to hear from you and welcome your feedback. Without our customers we wouldn't be in business, therefore our customers' happiness and satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

This Home Blown Glass (HBG) piece has all the bells and whistles that you look for in a larger water pipe. The bowl features four larger marbles and four smaller marbles for easy grabbing from any angle. The 14mm down stem has a cross hash diffuser that rests in a large beaker bottom reservoir, allowing for tons of bubbles right from the start. The smoke then travels to a seven perc chandelier, creating even more diffusing bubbles. Finally, the smoke passes through a well-placed splash guard and ice catch chamber. This all comes together to create, as one user stated, “The most elegant drag I’ve taken in a very long time.”